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[edit] Mentions

  • From Transforming or Reforming Capitalism - Chapter 2 - Ghorayshi, Gradon, Kliewer "Towards a Social Theory in Community Economic Development: Idealizing Community in the Era of Globalization": Approaches to community development derived from colonial administration efforts post world war IIwarning.pngThe date "post world war II" was not understood. in developing basic education, as well as nation-state changes, market economy, communications and transnational connections. The term was used often in the UN in the 1950swarning.pngThe date "1950s" was not understood., and appeared in 1960swarning.pngThe date "1960s" was not understood. in social sciences approaches. It returns to attention today due to globalization.
  • From Shared Space Chapter 1 - Reaching for Resilience: The concept of clusters originated in research in the 1960swarning.pngThe date "1960s" was not understood., with Michael Porter's 1990swarning.pngThe date "1990s" was not understood. sector-based form, focused on geography, informal relationships, and supporting institutions. In the communities agenda framework, the social dimension of communities is the result of related geographic clusters that are synergistic networks of activity, which thrive due to proximity.
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