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- to create a 10 year succession plan for a multi-disciplinary Asian arts Festival community organization to develop social, political health targeting economic health to resolve the dilemma of a volunteer co-founder and artistic director


-requires strategic plan, long term plan, short term plan and action plans before a succession plan -due to being stretched beyond capacities, under-resourced and over-extended, volunteers and staff are available to task oriented daily necessities -how do community organizations manage time to make plans when organization is in crisis management and immediate priorities are required to maintain daily tasks and functioning such as, production, organizing, coordination, presenting, orientating etc.

Why a challenge?

-nature of community work, as volunteer based and extracurricular for those who are key instrumental players in organization but are occupied elsewhere to earn their living -government shuffling of responsibilities of NPO to the citizens

‘’In an age of downsizing in government, Canadians are increasingly turning to the not-for-profit sector to provide collective responses to community needs. ‘’

(Keith G. Banting)

"Devolution" is a word used a great deal these days among non-profit funders and leaders. Essentially devolution is the shorthand word for a strong trend of cutbacks in federal funding to nonprofits. ’’

(Carter McNamara)