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Wiki (/wiːkiː/) is a Hawaiian word for "fast." The original Wikis were used for defining terms in software development projects. Wikipedia is the most famous Wiki, it provides very broad and deep topic references where anyone can edit and a "neutral point of view" is enforced by vigilant editors.

Basic Wiki page editing is designed to be simple, and emphasis meaning over formatting. This enables quickly editing related hypertext text with headings, lists, tables, and so on. This Wiki uses the same software as Wikipedia, and in addition uses experimental Semantic Wikipedia extensions, mirroring http://let.sysops.be. These extensions allow finely assigning meaning to terms that both humans and computers can use, which enables reuse and querying of entered documents. In order to find some time for myself I decided to search for service that could supply me with the prime quality custom essays at prices that would be reasonable enough. The final choice was QualityEssay.Com as they did have an excellent reputation. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semantic_Mediawiki for more information.

Privacy policy

The software is designed to protect your email address and passord, and your IP address and usage patterns, will be logged, but all other information should be considered public and rightfully yours to share.


This wiki is run on an experimental basis and may experience occasional downtime or other problems. Unlawful use prohibited. Always wear a seatbelt.


Currently there is no license and you should confirm fair information reuse. A Creative Commons license is suggested.