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(from email introduction)

Hi all,

I have created a wiki page at WikiCED to sketch our a starting place to try to organize notes.

Keep in mind it is publicly available, though it is unlikely it would be abused, you should not add private notes.

If you want to edit, it is recommended you create an account first, but you can do so without one if you don't mind an extra step after each edit (an anti-spam measure).

In either case you can just click on any edit link and start typing (note there's a page and section edit links, it's best to use the section links) . If you want to create a new page (topic) in the middle of typing, just surround the name with [[]] and create it later. Click edit on the above page to see what I mean. In wikis the idea is usually to generate definitive pages rather than running commentary (which should be under the page's "discussion" tab), but we're not going to be too fussy and I will clean up any structure problems (there is a full editing history so you can see what's going on).

It's really best to avoid formats such as PDF and MS-Word (since they can't be included as hypertext), but you can attach files if necessary.

If you want to receive email notifications of changes and you're logged in you can click on the 'watch' tab, but it's better to click on the page's category (in this case Category: WikiCED notes) and subscribe to that, that way you'll receive notification for any page change in the category. Another option if you use a syndicator is to subscribe to the site's feed.

Wikis have a different approach that takes a bit of getting used to (in particular their freeform nature using text, and organization using categories), but once you get used to them they can be used to quickly create and share organized information. I'm always happy to help people at least evaluate their use, so please let me know if I can help.