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Derick W. Brinkerhoff, Looking out, looking in. looking ahead: Guidelines for managing development programs, page 491

Andrea Cornwall, Unpacking ‘Participation’: models, meanings and practices Page 46 - paper on Technology Use in Small Grassroots Nonprofits - includes a section on success factors. - common problems when designers, technologists and non profits try to work together outline from a conference documents around using technology in non-profits - Strategic Use of Information Technology in Profit and Non-profit Organizations from Tanzania and Sweden - Ten things (just ten!) that every nonprofit executive needs to know about information technology - Community Technology Centers: Impact on Individual Participants and Their Communities,M1 - interesting analysis of early and late adopters and resistance from management, and critical success factors. - pre 2000 paper on use of ICTs in NS communities. Unfortunately this type of paper gets outdated quickly. - Warana: The Case of an Indian Rural Community Adopting ICT - nice summary items - a philosophical discussion of describing social reality using computers HOW TO: Use Wikis for Business Projects

Convincing - blog on tech in non-profits - Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us cute video on a vision of the collaborative web