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Scene 1

  • experimenting process, engaging around change


Anti-tech ArnieFax machines are the height of human achievement
Bureaucrat BevEverything by the book, for the organization!
Busy Betty BeeEverywhere, doing everything with no time to spare.
Innovator IreneWe can solve this problem with a few simple technological conventions
Iron-fisted RARRRR ThorIt's simple. My way or the highway!
Mélanie Hughes
Whiny Negate No No NancyWhiny Negate No No

The setting is based on our SCPA CED classroom and work settings. The scenarios are inspired by the enthusiasm and resistance to change.

Pre pre pre kiwi party

All characters during Scene 1 are in front of the classroom, leaning on the front table, reading a book and standing around. We will read our lines of Scene 1 from our printed scripts that David will photocopy for each of us.

Bee: I’m not so crazy about this kiwi idea. I already spend too much time in front of my computer. I am really not so sure…

Nancy: I hate computers....whine whine whine

Irene: It's software based on the Web, you have to learn a few conventions, but it helps you solve a lot of different problems as a group and when including the public.

Janet + friends sings Rocky horror Let's do the time wharp again and Janet yells out months later.

Pre pre kiwi party

Arnie: Y'know, this technology thing sounds great, but the last time I tried to use a computer, it burned my toast badly.

Bev: I am DEFINITELY really interested because we could participate remotely in meetings in the evening and on weekends and holidays, also on lunch breaks and while showering, with the right equipment.

Nancy: Bev that is easy for you to say whine whine whine (Katherine improvises)

Janet + friends sings time wharp song and moves and Janet yells out years later.

Pre kiwi party

Irene: That's not exactly what kiwi is about.. It's software based on the Web, you have to learn a few conventions... How about I have a kiwi party to try to make this all clear?

Thor: Excellent, more control means greater efficiency.

Bee: Sure, but I'm only free Tuesdays between 5 and 5:30 in the morning.

Janet + friends sings time wharp song while someone yells out months months months later.

Post kiwi party

Bee: Hey Thor, How was the kiwi party?

Thor: I didn't go.. if we're going to use computers, we should all be assigned one and given training and enforcement until we do things the proper way.

RARRRR!!!!!!!!!...I already told everyone. My way or the highway. It is easy.

Arnie: Maybe we should start with the basics.. I heard we can use computers to send faxes.

Thor: They should be sent to a reeducation class until they do things the proper way, be fired or quit. It's simple.

Irene: It helps solve a lot of different problems as a group and when including the public.

Bee: It sounds like it might be helpful for our affinity group, and really help my community organizing.

Nancy: yah but Bee, the affinity group, community is too much....whine whine whine...

Irene: You have to include those people using different means, not just the kiwi.

Thor: They can be reeducated.

Arnie: Couldn't we do all this with the fax machine?

Bev: Yes, we definitely should do it. Bureaucrat Today says everyone else is doing it (holds up a copy of Bureaucrat Today with a caption "Kiwis: Everyone else is doing it.")


Developer: Janet; Presenter: WikiCED group; Minutes: 5; Position: 3