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[edit] Issues

Flic-assassins, Montreal issues

[edit] Culture

Ohenton Karihwatehkwen

Useful CED software - Some free software useful for CED project development.

Media - Media (films, news stories, books, etc) that may relate to CED.

[edit] Useful

COco: The Centre for Community Organizations

Charity Village: Canada's supersite for the nonprofit sector

The Canadian CED Network

The Citizen's Handbook

(de)Meaning of Social Activism: a great article about activism and its constituents

[edit] Fair Trade

TransFair Canada Web Site

FLO International Web Site

FLO-CERT GmbH Web Site

[edit] Social Entreprises

Coop La Maison Verte: Ecological Products and Services

[edit] Art and Activism

Dissident Art

The Art of Activism An Interview with Freda Guttman- a local artist activist

Mural for Kader: a mural that I have participated in summer 2008 for Mr. Kader- the refugee living in a church in Pointe-St-Charles (Magda)

Middle East Peace Quilt

Community Arts Network

Call of the Earth

Bansky: artist

Sara Rahbar: Iranian Photographer

Book: Beginner's Guide to Community-Based Arts

The Heidelberg Project: Artist Tyree Guyton and his vision of urban art.

Mural Movement

The Wall of Respect

[edit] Movements

The Slow Movement

Fight Lookism

Altruists International


Principles of Spiritual Activism

2 Billion Voices for Peace: a historical record for all humanity, promoting a culture of peace, for people and their communities

[edit] Government and social transparency

[edit] Anti-Psychiatry / (established) Psychology

Stop Shrinks

Not at all in the genes

Some past and present critics of established Psychology and Psychiatry

[edit] Women

International Museum of Women

About-Face: body image, media, eating disorders

[edit] Participatory Budget

[edit] Health and Wellness

The Ethics of Eating Meat

Get Happy: Human Happiness- Its Nature and Its Attainment

Natural News: Natural Health, Natural Living

US: Selling to the worried well

[edit] Environment - EPEAT is a system to help purchasers in the public and private sectors evaluate, compare and select desktop computers, notebooks and monitors based on their environmental attributes.

[edit] Enablement

Instructables: how to make things

Mind Map: to help you with brainstorming - see for a free mind map application.

[edit] Education - free video lectures from MIT, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, etc on broad topics including economics

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