503 notes from September 14, 2008

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David Mason SCPA 503 September 14, 2008 Shragge

503 course pack - readings with asterisk are online

Social change Outcome s - change the process process vs . intervention - bottom-up

Positive view: CED: "successful, professional, innovative, flexible" social provision (with no welfare state)

Critical view: Demobilized Depoliticized - technical, not political Lacks critical vision Contributes to neoliberalism - less government to pick up pieces. Romantic view of community "Kumbaya communitarianism" Funding from external sources " the revolution will not be funded"

Insider - government allies .

Community practice - community development in US and UK

CED - social economy the "bottom line"

Truisisms "best things in life are free"

What are the levers to move power?

Sydney , Cape Breton - tradition of CED entrepeneurship Keynesian - government controlled

Models / Components

Rothman - Locality, planning, action Solonsky film - Chicago 1930s

Citizen's groups

Anti- technocrat Action/reflection Anger with purpose

research use of tech in CED


Autonomy - harmony Charity - churches, English /French

book - City Below the Hill tour - l'autre Montreal

Quiet Revolution - rapid modernization reform - health , social, education from the top ( top-down) Castonguay - health reform; 1960- for public health  ; 2008 against QR opposition - make demands counter-institutions: new kinds of social infrastructure welfare rights - anti-poverty gave poor people a voice putting in place alternatives - Point St. Charles - free clinic ,deal with sources of ill health (wellness); mobilize social issues; food co-op s - all run by citizen s.

film - Citizen's Medicine

Local initiatives - winter employment (for seasonal worker s) divisive - some got money in new citizen 's orgs, some don't.

Social rights can be claimed Direct democracy - no election s. Women in lead ership roles. Tension between professionals and citizen s.