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* believes that technological advancement is a synonym of dehumanization * resists technological advances * feels good in a familiar environment * doesn’t know technology and can’t imagine its uses and benefits for himself * believes technology is too complicated * change might result in a situation where he needs to readjust and where he will lose control over his environment * can be convinced if change is presented in a way he will realize it is not so complicated and that he can have some benefits   +
* is very organized and structured * likes when things fit in a frame, are systemized * lacks creativity and autonomy from the administration of her organization * change can mean disorder to her * believes the use of rules, regulations, and formal authority guide performance * will adopt change more easily when it is a top-down approach * can be convinced if change is presented to her as if it will be part of her existing system, that it will have “rules” regulating it   +
*has a very full agenda; likes to have busy schedules *believes what she is involved with to be the most important things *wants change to be simple and easy to implement because she has not time to lose over adapting to a new situation *change and new ideas must be presented has if they were ready to be implemented *actively engaged in work, often zealous *has difficulty understanding the benefits of change because she doesn’t even have time to realize a changing situation is presented to her *can be convinced if the changes proposed can improve her ability to do things, to lighten her agenda (so she can take on more tasks!)   +
*wants to bring change within an organization *self-motivated, curious, dedicated and interested in new ideas that can increase efficiency and improve the work environment *believes work is a multidimensional environment where every aspects are connected and intertwined *is creative and tries to find ways to convince colleagues to buy in * needs to manage expectations and include as many people as possible   +
*has a firm view of things, he is hard to convince, is close-minded *believes he has the right way of doing things and even thinking *will not change his positions unless he is shown it can have benefits for him *will adopt change in his own way   +
*likes complaining and being negative about change and life in general *doesn’t know how to articulate her opinions, thoughts *feels like everything is complicated, useless or unimportant *expresses her fear of change by whining *can be convinced of adopting a change if we find answers to her complaining or find the incoherence in her whining discourse   +