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Anti-tech ArnieFax machines are the height of human achievement
Bureaucrat BevEverything by the book, for the organization!
Busy Betty BeeEverywhere, doing everything with no time to spare.
Innovator IreneWe can solve this problem with a few simple technological conventions
Iron-fisted RARRRR ThorIt's simple. My way or the highway!
Mélanie Hughes
Whiny Negate No No NancyWhiny Negate No No

Our group, WikiCED is pleased to demonstrate what it might look like for an individual who wants to introduce or create change in an organization. Today our group will use technology as the vehicle to demonstrate challenges and opportunities around introducing change. Many people dream about being a change hero, making one suggestion – like Rosa Parks, an African American civil rights activist, whom the U.S. Congress later called "Mother of the Modern-Day Civil Rights Movement did in 1955 when she refused to obey a bus driver's orders. Suddenly we have a successful transformation that everyone recognizes.

  • Philip will start with a brief history of change and resistance
  • Then our group has prepared a special presentation for you
  • We will follow this with a participatory learning session which will include you co-developing and contributing to WikiCED, an on-line manual that covers each of the areas we will talk about today along with links to many other resources.

And to start us off ... here is Philip with a brief history


Developer: WikiCED group; Presenter: Katherine; Minutes: 5; Position: 1