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Scene 2: Puzzles

Anti-tech Arnie
  • believes that technological advancement is a synonym of dehumanization
  • resists technological advances
  • feels good in a familiar environment
  • doesn’t know technology and can’t imagine its uses and benefits for himself
  • believes technology is too complicated
  • change might result in a situation where he needs to readjust and where he will lose control over his environment
  • can be convinced if change is presented in a way he will realize it is not so complicated and that he can have some benefits
Bureaucrat Bev
  • is very organized and structured
  • likes when things fit in a frame, are systemized
  • lacks creativity and autonomy from the administration of her organization
  • change can mean disorder to her
  • believes the use of rules, regulations, and formal authority guide performance
  • will adopt change more easily when it is a top-down approach
  • can be convinced if change is presented to her as if it will be part of her existing system, that it will have “rules” regulating it
Busy Betty Bee
  • has a very full agenda; likes to have busy schedules
  • believes what she is involved with to be the most important things
  • wants change to be simple and easy to implement because she has not time to lose over adapting to a new situation
  • change and new ideas must be presented has if they were ready to be implemented
  • actively engaged in work, often zealous
  • has difficulty understanding the benefits of change because she doesn’t even have time to realize a changing situation is presented to her
  • can be convinced if the changes proposed can improve her ability to do things, to lighten her agenda (so she can take on more tasks!)
Innovator Irene
  • wants to bring change within an organization
  • self-motivated, curious, dedicated and interested in new ideas that can increase efficiency and improve the work environment
  • believes work is a multidimensional environment where every aspects are connected and intertwined
  • is creative and tries to find ways to convince colleagues to buy in
  • needs to manage expectations and include as many people as possible
Iron-fisted RARRRR Thor
  • has a firm view of things, he is hard to convince, is close-minded
  • believes he has the right way of doing things and even thinking
  • will not change his positions unless he is shown it can have benefits for him
  • will adopt change in his own way
Mélanie Hughes
Whiny Negate No No Nancy
  • likes complaining and being negative about change and life in general
  • doesn’t know how to articulate her opinions, thoughts
  • feels like everything is complicated, useless or unimportant
  • expresses her fear of change by whining
  • can be convinced of adopting a change if we find answers to her complaining or find the incoherence in her whining discourse


This is a set change. We will quickly add a table & chairs and sit around the table to re-establish a new setting. The boardroom scene:

Bev: Hi everyone, I'm glad you could all make it today. It's been a few years since we started talking about kiwis and, as you know, one of our own people has been persistent following up with the notion of using kiwi to enhance our work. Today, Irene will help us to set up this internet tool for our specific needs. - Irene.

Irene: Hi all - I'm sure you've e heard me say this before that Kiwi is software based on the Web. Remember all you have to learn is a few conventions but kiwi helps to solve a lot of different problems as a group especially when including the public like our work here does. Here, I'll demonstrate. Let's go around the table and you can each let me know what will be useful for your needs. And we'll be able to work something out (as she is talking she is takes the box full of puzzle pieces and spills them onto the middle of the table)

Bev: Oh - I'll start - I need a place to share documents with everyone. Excuse me I need to go to another meeting. (Gets up, picks out a puzzle piece from table and places it in Irene's lap)

Bee: I need to organize meetings for the group. Sorry, I must run to an appointment! (Gets up, picks out a puzzle piece from table and places it in Irene's lap)

Arnie: I would like to be able to easily fax these "kiwi web sites" around the world. In colour. (Gets up, picks out a puzzle piece from table and places it in Irene's lap)

Thor: I want to organize a Reeducation Party! Nobody can be late. (Gets up, picks out a puzzle piece from table and places it in Irene's lap)

Nancy: I want the kiwi to look exactly like my Nintendo. (Gets up, picks out a puzzle piece from table and places it in the lap of Irene)

Irene: (While pointing to puzzle pieces remaining on middle of table) Wait! I still have more questions. (Shaking head, puts head in hands. Then takes all pieces from lap, puts them on table, gets out duct tape, and begins to put something together).

Developer: Cleo; Presenter: WikiCED group; Minutes: 5; Position: 4